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Wade Logan Delwood Coffee Table Review – The Shiniest Table in the Land

Shopping and Customization Options

Decisions, Decisions

I can’t begin to tell you how many coffee tables and coffee table sets we looked at before settling on the Wade Logan Delwood coffee table. We went back and forth on function vs design. Does it need a shelf? A drawer? What colour do we want? Do we care what it’s made out of? How about the shape? The sheer number of options even just on Wayfair (our new favourite spot for picking out home furnishings) was overwhelming.

Shopping for coffee tables on wayfair

We finally ended up inventing our own set, with a coffee table from Wayfair that we thought would go well with some end tables we liked at another store. (We’ll talk about those end tables in a future post.) The Delwood seemed to be equal parts sensible and sexy, so at long last we agreed and ordered it in “high gloss white and sonoma oak.” The other option was “black oak.”

Delwood coffee table High Gloss White and Sonoma Oak

Payment and Ordering Process

The Deets

Since we’d ordered our dining set from Wayfair and had created an account, the process was even quicker this time around. Honestly it’s pretty straightforward either way. We dished out $439 CAD. Ordered on July 14 and received it at our door on July 24. Not bad, not bad.

It’s currently listed at Wayfair for 245.99 USD.


Assembly Usually Required

Put It All Together And What Do You Get

As per usual it did arrive disassembled and came with instructions and all the hardware required to put it together. The boyfriend did most of the work, also as per usual… hey, I held the thing in place so he could do the twisty thing with the metal thing. I’m helpful like that.

Anyway, he says putting it together was straightforward – just a little awkward because the pieces are big and heavy. This one arrived in just one big box.


Form And Function

Tell Me Everything You Know

Okay first off, they weren’t kidding about the high gloss factor. I actually have to get up and close the blinds some mornings (right about now, omg blind) because the sunlight bounces right off the surface and into my poor eyes. It’s super reflective.

In terms of aesthetic it’s a neat, modern looking table. The top rotates all the way around, smoothly and easily. At times I wish it had a locking mechanism so I could be even more lazy about putting my feet up on it. As is I find myself carefully balancing my feet near the center of rotation to avoid pushing it away. A fancier person probably wouldn’t notice this.

The Delwood is also quite heavy, weighing in at around 77 lbs.

But it looks great. It gets compliments. And it really helped to bring the room together a bit.


Quality Check Please

It’s Business Time

This thing is well-built and sturdy, and the rotating mechanism is smooth and silent.  It’s also easy to clean, and I haven’t had issues with fingerprints or scratching. Honestly I suspect this will last a very long time. I’m quite satisfied with the overall quality of the merchandise.


Company Commentary

What Does the Guest Say?

She spun the top around and said, “Where’s that from, that’s awesome!”


Kitties Have Opinions, Too

Photo Evidence Attached

The decision had to be made quickly: are the kitties allowed on the coffee table or not?  Hurry up and decide, the minions are here! Okay fine. For simplicity’s sake, we decided to allow the kitties full reign of the coffee table.

It’s a good kitty hangout spot. Great for humans, too – though we can’t sit on it. ^^


Including an Arbitrary Score Out of 5

I certainly don’t regret this purchase decision. It’s a very good quality coffee table. But given a redo I would probably go for something a bit more stuck-in-one-position and a bit less shiny. Though to be fair, these are features that were advertised.

I’m docking one star because I really think it should have included some kind of locking mechanism. Other than that though, this coffee table is amazing.


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Wade Logan Delwood Coffee Table
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  • Jurgen

    That’s an amazing coffee table! We’ve got a glass table in the shape of a human hand. Yeah it’s difficult to explain… 🙂 Now, my wife hates our table and has been nagging for years to get that ‘ugly thing’ out.

    We never actually agreed on a coffee table, but this one might just do it for me. Initially I thought this table would be costly, until I saw the price. Very reasonable indeed! And the top being white helps with fingerprints I guess…

    • Rachael

      Yeah, this was an easy one for my boyfriend and I to agree on. It’s pretty slick. Hand-table sounds interesting, though I’m not sure if practical. I definitely find cuboid shapes more practical when it comes to tables. I haven’t had any issues with fingerprints. Thanks for stopping in! 

  • Dave Sweney

    Thanks for the great review of this coffee table. I am in the process of relocating from Dubai, UAE to Jacksonville, Fl (USA) so have been doing research on furniture to include a coffee table. The Wade Logan Delwood model looks like it ight meet my needs. 

    The size is about right, and i like the design as well. Your notes on the way it can move about is appreciated, that is not such a big deal for me either (good to know though). The manufacturer is a trusted brand for me, I have seen some of their products here in friend’s villas…They look great!

    My concern is also with quality, as I want something that will look good for some years. I do not mind paying a bit more for a piece of furniture as normally it is like sound or video equipment – you will pay more if you want something that will look good and last while doing it’s job.

    Lastly, I have two cats, so that final test you conducted was also appreciated by me. It is good to know that the table has the cat seal of approval! All in all, I am a much better informed buyer now from reading through your review. This Wade Logan Delwood Coffee Table (long name, huh?!) is on my short list!

    • Rachael

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my coffee table review! Your cats can go for a ride when you spin it. They’ll love it. 

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