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ViMLE Sofa Review – So Fab, Amirite?

We were looking for a replacement for my old lady-cave leather reclining couch (careful with those hyphens). That thing was supremely comfy but not much to look at, and we definitely needed to lighten up and modernize the look in the living room.

Shopping and Customization Options

Decisions, Decisions

Vimle series ikea customization option

When we came across Ikea’s ViMLE sofa series, we fell in love with the fun Orrsta golden-yellow colour and went to work on customization. Ikea’s customization tool has only a few limits, so after playing around with the options for a bit…

Ikea vimle series couch customization

…we settled on a slightly more practical and cost-effective chaise lounge layout.

ViMLE Ikea Chaise Lounge Yellow Couch Custom
TMW you buy your Sim’s couch.


Payment and Ordering Process

The Deets

We opted for flat rate delivery to our local collection point. We ordered our new couch on July 11 and it was available for pickup on July 17. Payment and pickup process was very straightforward. We just went over to the collection point with a UHaul and brought the pieces home.

All in all this couch cost us $799 + $79 shipping (CDN).

Here’s the link for more details.


Assembly Usually Required

Put It All Together And What Do You Get

Apparently you’re supposed to put this together with two people, but apparently I was indisposed and my boyfriend made it all by himself. This is not recommended, but he managed to have it all set up within 2-3 hours.

The main pieces are all pre-built so it was just a matter of putting them together, and slipping the covers over. He says it was pretty straightforward. The only issue was figuring out what order to do things in. Because it’s all customizable, each part comes with its own instruction manual, so it isn’t always completely clear when to follow which instructions. There’s no master instruction manual for the entire process. Sometimes the order in which you have to build things is a little bit unclear. But luckily, it’s an Ikea couch, so if you mess up you can just take it apart and do it all over again.


Form And Function

Tell Me Everything You Know

It’s a major upgrade for us in terms of aesthetic. The yellow brightened up our living room a lot! And it’s a nice big, comfy couch. We can lay right down on it and it’s great for naps. The chaise lounge opens up and is perfect for storing extra blankets and kittens. It gets a lot of use and we’re quite happy with it.

Vimle ikea series couch chaise lounge open yellow
Feed me, Seymour.

Bonus points: the covers are machine washable! So convenient.


Quality Check Please

It’s Business Time

We’ve been using the couch daily since July. The frame is sturdy, and the parts are level, and I’m very confused by a couple of reviews stating that the parts don’t fit together. I can only assume they either did something wrong or received a faulty part and should contact Ikea. (I’m betting on the former.)

The covers have a nice canvas texture which makes cleaning easy. Polyester/cotton blend is versatile and durable. We were initially a little concerned about bringing a yellow couch into a home with black furry minions, but we haven’t had any issues. Nothing a quick run of a lint roller can’t solve, anyway.


Company Commentary

What Does The Guest Say?

I’ll be adding the company commentary after our next guests on Friday.  We’ve had people over with this couch but not since deciding to review all our belongings. Someone did say it feels like Spring, and I have to agree. The yellow is lovely!


Kitties Have Opinions, Too

Photo Evidence Attached


The girls love this couch. They regularly nap on it, and play in it, and take it apart as best they can. The back cushions are not attached, so they sometimes get knocked over by kitties trying to play behind them. The zippers are great fun, too. However they do often lose toys underneath this couch, which we have to fish out later.



Including an Arbitrary Score Out of 10

This was really a great find in this price range. We’re very happy with the style and comfort level, and think this may be one of Ikea’s best inventions yet. The only minor issue was regarding the clarity of the instructions.



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ViMLE sofa
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  • Gabbey

    Hahaha I can definatley relate about making my partner put together our furniture! Especially Ikea furniture! I love these styles of couches because they’re big enough for 2 people and so easy to set up as well! Plus you can decorate them with pillows, throw rugs etc – they look sooooo cosy! I also love that it’s big enough for 2 people to lay down!

  • Albert

    Thank you for sharing your experience with VIMLE this Sofa. For me, sitting on a comfortable sofa is very important because I’m most of the time sitting and working with my laptop and more comfort helps me focus and work longer hours.

    VIMLE seems to be comfortable and the price is actually fair but I’ve got a question: How much does it weight? Is it easy to move it around and change the decor once in a while?

    • Rachael

      I definitely enjoy the chaise lounge side for sitting and working with my laptop. Always like putting my feet up! 

      In terms of the weight, I’m actually not sure since it’s a custom design and they just list the weight of the individual pieces. When I add them up it seems off, but suffice it to say it’s on the heavier side definitely. It slides pretty easily on our laminate flooring, but I would probably want help if I had to move it on carpet. 

  • tim

    Seems like a very practical piece of furniture.  I read in the product description also that you can put the chaise on either the left or right side.   I guess that is a benefit of assembling your own furniture.

    This couch seems very comfy and you hit all the key points for me especially when you give it two thumbs up for being “nap” worthy. A feature that I highly value.

    As for assembly how many boxes did this come in?  Also you mentioned that you paid shipping but also that you went to pick up the merchandise….was this the shipping cost to deliver to the collection point?

    • Rachael

      Hi Tim, good catch! Yes, that flexibility was actually a factor I completely forgot about. So at any point if we want to redecorate we have the option of switching what side the chaise is on. 

      As for the number of boxes – I posted one pic under assembly so you can sort of see that there were quite a few. Basically all the major parts were boxed up, the covers were boxed up, and the back cushions were just wrapped in plastic.  

      I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but the IKEA closest to us offers flat rate shipping to our closest collection point so that we can pick it up locally rather than travelling over to Vancouver where our closest warehouse is. Otherwise they do offer delivery to home, but it was a bit more expensive to do it that way for us. You’re probably best to check on your local delivery options. 

      Thanks for checking out my review! 

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