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Osgood 5 Piece Dining Set Review – Is Good?

The Osgood was the first compact cube dining table set we stumbled across. We’d never seen anything like it, so we started looking to see if we’d missed anything else in this category…

Shopping and Customization Options

Decisions, Decisions

There are a couple of similar sets out there, but nothing that warranted NOT buying the Osgood 5 piece dining set that we originally saw. And frankly it looked perfect for our small dining space. Not to mention adorable. So that was an easy decision.

The table comes in two colours: brown and dark grey. We felt the brown colour would complement our space since we tend toward lighter colours.

osgood 5 piece dining set review compact cube dining set

Payment and Ordering Process

The Deets

The ordering process was simple and straightforward. We ordered the set on July 23rd and received it in one big box at our door on August 3rd, which was within the expected delivery time frame. Not a bad turnaround!

We ordered it in Canada, so our price was $389 + taxes and free shipping. The current price in the US is $222.99 on sale. Here’s the link for more detailed specs.


Assembly Usually Required

Put It All Together And What Do You Get

My boyfriend came home from work, started putting it together while I was cooking, and it was ready in time for dinner.

Putting together was very straightforward. Took my boyfriend an hour or less. Just needed a screwdriver. All the pieces were labelled, a few labels had fallen off but it was pretty easy to figure out what was what. Very limited instructions, but it’s a very simple table and the ottoman steps just needed to be repeated four times. Came with all the hardware and a few extra pieces. No issues here.

[In the future I’ll be sure to document all stages, but since I wasn’t originally planning on this review I have no photo evidence of the process. It happened, though, I swear.] 


Form And Function

Tell Me Everything You Know

We were looking for something nice and compact for our new condo. We have a dining area but didn’t want anything taking up too much of the floor space where we’d be walking. So as I mentioned before, when we saw this one, it was pretty clear to us that it would probably work really well for our space.

There’s some handy extra storage inside the ottomans. The covers come right off, making that easily accessible.

Sometimes I miss being able to extend my legs underneath the table – but because of the way it’s sectioned in the middle, it separates the four seats entirely. No footsies for me. Sad face. I also think it might not be great for taller or bigger people. We’re both on the small side so it’s great for us, and would likely be perfect for kids as well.

Also the tabletop is the perfect shape and size for games!

I did have an issue with ergonomics when I tried using this dining set as a workspace. Extended use with a laptop at this height wasn’t quite right for me, and I ended up with a bit of nerve damage in my arm from resting it on the edge of the surface. I lived on painkillers for a couple weeks. But on the bright side I discovered voice typing.

That said, it works quite well for its intended purpose and we dine at it regularly. Magnificently.

osgood 5 piece dining set review compact cube dining table


Quality Check Please

It’s Business Time

The sweet potato soup (compliments of a friend) was amazing, but let’s talk about the dining set. It’s constructed from particle board and a laminate table top, with polyester upholstering on the ottomans.

We’ve been using it since it arrived, so just over 2 months now. The ottoman covers do get a bit squashed down as you use them, and I suspect they’ll need to be refurbished within a year. Not a huge issue for us, though this is a matter of personal preference.

The brown appears a bit more grey in person, but all in all I think it’s seriously cute and definitely functional.

In short, is good. 


Company Commentary

What Does the Guest Say?

We had a friend over not too long ago and played some games at this table, but we hadn’t decided to review all of our belongings at that point, so we didn’t get any comments from her. There didn’t seem to be any issue, though, and we had lots of fun.

[I’ll make a point of updating this when we have company with comments.]


Kitties Have Opinions, Too

Photo Evidence Attached

With all the ottomans stored underneath the table, it creates what we fondly refer to as kitty cubicles. The girls love napping in these spaces. They know they aren’t allowed on the top part, but we couldn’t in good conscience say no to nap time.

osgood 5 piece dining set review compact cube dining table



Including an Arbitrary Score Out of 5

We definitely have no regrets here. It’s a great little table, a perfect fit that both matches our style and works quite well for us in terms of function. At this low price point it’s hard to go wrong, though it’s definitely not a high end item. We love it. Have some stars.


If you have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you as always! Drop me a line in the comments below.

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Osgood 5 Piece Dining Set
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  • Alexander

    Cute cat and awesome looking sweet potato soup.

    The Osgood 5 Piece Dining Set looks ideal for a compact room and I like the neat style of how the ottomans fit nice and tidy under the table. Looks very functional with a good style and great pricing.

    Do the ottomans just slide good with no risk of scratching your floor? Did you or would you add the slider foot pad things on the bottom of the ottomans or not necessary?

    • Rachael

      Hi Alexander, thanks for your comment! It was delicious. 🙂

      That’s a great question. I forgot to mention that the ottomans came with smooth plastic bumpers attached to the bottom – they slide very easily on our laminate flooring, and we haven’t seen any sign of scratching.

  • Gene

    That last pic of your cat is hilarious! I really like the compact frame for this dining set. It’s such a good idea for small spaces and you can easily tuck it away when you don’t need it. This would be handy for RVs, too. Thanks for reviewing the dining set! 

    • Rachael

      I know right? That was her response to the nap disturbance. ^^

      It really is a great set for tight spaces. Thanks for stopping by! 

  • Jennifer David

    Hi Rachael,

    I wish I saw this earlier because this model would have fit better in my space than the round shaped dining table I currently have. This dining set looks really cute and compact and the colours look good too.

    The price point is great because looking at the picture you’d think it would have cost more, and that’s always a good sign!

    It’s really good to know it was easy to put together and had labels to let you know what goes where, because having to put a piece of furniture together is always a little daunting if the instructions aren’t clear.

    The seats look comfortable, and your cute cat stole the show, aaah!


  • Tina

    Hi Rachael! This is a good review! I’ve seen tables like the Osgood 5 piece dining set around and always thought that kind of design is really the way to go especially when you live in a tight space. With Christmas coming up soon, I thought I’d start looking at a replacement dining table.
    I can definitely see this table being great for games. It’s really the perfect size! And with the ottomans having storage space, there’s a good way to organize your games so they are right where you need them. I imagine those ottomans could store books and card games. But could they store board games?
    Is there any way to expand the top or get other chairs to work with it?
    Thanks for the info! I will keep this table in mind for Christmas.

    • Rachael

      Hi Tina,
      Thanks for reading my review! You’re right, this is a great table for games. And yes, you can store books, card games, and some board games inside the ottomans. Some bigger board games will likely not fit, but just be careful with the dimensions: the ottomans are 18.75″ H x 15″ W x 15″ D. I’m unaware of any way to expand the top but I’m sure you could use other chairs with it if you really wanted to. It’s meant for small spaces and not a whole lot of people – probably not the best choice for a replacement dining table if you’re planning to have many guests over around Christmas. But for games, absolutely! 🙂

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