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“I’m a Cat” Hoodie Review – for Human People

I’d worn my comfort hoodie into the ground and it had holes at the elbows. So naturally I was looking for a replacement. By comfort hoodie, I just mean something I wear basically all the time, that helps me feel less anxious because it’s so familiar. This is how I operate. I’m a nervous kitty cat, and I need a sweater to make me feel better. (Please note: This doesn’t work on most kitty cats.) So, when I came across the I’m a Cat hoodie over at Zaful, it seemed profoundly appropriate.

Shopping and Customization Options

Decisions, Decisions

The only thing left for me to decide on were size and colour. I knew I was ordering from China, so the sizes are often a bit skewed. I read the other reviews, checked the actual item measurements, and ultimately settled on a size 2XL in black. That’s right, I bought the biggest one. In black. They seem to be a bit short on stock currently, but here are the other size and colour options available.

I'm a cat hoodie zaful

Payment and Ordering Process

The Deets

Ordering from Zaful, and other ecommerce shops like it that are shipping from China, is straightforward. I used PayPal for this particular transaction. No issues. The only thing to be aware of is possible sizing discrepancies and shipping time. I mean, it is coming from China. It took a while. I can’t remember exactly how long at this point, but it was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 6-8 weeks. And I get an awesome comfort hoodie for $20? I’m not complaining.

Here’s the link for more details.


Assembly Usually Required

Put It All Together And What Do You Get

I put the sweater over my torso, as one does with sweaters.  It was comforting.

i'm a cat hoodie zaful


Form And Function

Tell Me Everything You Know

Right, the sizes are off. I’m normally a size small or medium for extra comfort. This 2XL fits me like a large. For reference, I’m about 5’5 and 130 lbs. Is comfy.


Quality Check Please

It’s Business Time

No complaints here! I wasn’t expecting a luxurious $200 hoodie for $20, so I wasn’t disappointed. It’s comfy, it fits well, and it’s easy to maintain. The lettering on the front is good quality and hasn’t really deteriorated in the wash. I’ve been wearing this pretty constantly since around April.


Random Remarks

What Does the Bank Teller Say?

I wish I’d been taking notes. I’ve honestly had so many comments and compliments on this hoodie. I have a good memory. Let’s see…

“Funniest looking cat I’ve seen,” said a gentleman on the street.

“I’m a dog!” said a teenager on the street.

“Were you born in the year of the cat?” asked a woman in the clinic waiting room.

“Not following the crowd, I love it,” said the pharmacy cashier.

“Can I ask where you got your hoodie?” said a grocery store clerk, and also a bank teller.

As someone with social anxiety, this hoodie has prompted short bouts of human interaction I likely wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. It’s a real conversation starter!


Kitties Have Opinions, Too

Photo Evidence Attached

Yes, meow.

i'm a cat hoodie zaful


Including an Arbitrary Score Out of 10

Le purr.

(Translation: 10/10)

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I'm a Cat Hoodie
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  • Cris

    Ha! I like your sense of humor! It does look very comfortable on you, and I’m sure it is quite the conversation piece everywhere you go. I have had similar experiences when ordering from China, as far as wait time for shipping and size discrepancies. But… if in the end, you have something you love, then it’s worth the wait!

  • Cath

    heh … this is such a cool review. Very cute. In the guise of an introvert, it’s also an icebreaker! Made me check out the link. Their dresses look good. Have you ordered other products from them? I’d like to know if the general quality of their ware is on par with your experience thus far. Is it reasonable that it takes 6-8 weeks for a product ordered online to arrive?Thanks for sharing your experience, Rachael.

    • Rachael

      Thanks, Cath! I have ordered a couple other things from them, and yes in general I do like the quality of their merchandise. Really the only down side is you have to be careful with sizing, and yes it’s reasonable for things to take a while coming from China especially at these prices. I think they have other shipping options but I always go for the cheapest and slowest because I’m not in a hurry. Thanks again for checking out my review! 

  • Paola

    Oh my God, I just fell in love with that hoodie but based on what you said I think the 2XL won’t fit me because you said you purchased that one and your just 130 lb I’m 173 lb so it won’t fit me at all 🙁 they have bigger sizes or it just until 2XL?

    • Rachael

      Hi Paola, I know! It’s great. Unfortunately the 2XL is the biggest one I’ve seen at Zaful, and like I said it fits like a large on me. I did actually order a large as well, and that fit like a small. So you definitely want to order 2 sizes up from however you want it to fit. Since I wanted an oversized hoodie, that meant ordering 4 sizes up from my usual small. Sizing can be tricky when ordering stuff from China, but I hope that helps! 

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