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    ViMLE Sofa Review – So Fab, Amirite?

    We were looking for a replacement for my old lady-cave leather reclining couch (careful with those hyphens). That thing was supremely comfy but not much to look at, and we definitely needed to lighten up and modernize the look in the living room. Shopping and Customization Options Decisions, Decisions When we came across Ikea’s ViMLE sofa series, we fell in love with the fun Orrsta golden-yellow colour and went to work on customization. Ikea’s customization tool has only a few limits, so after playing around with the options for a bit… …we settled on a slightly more practical and cost-effective chaise lounge layout.   Payment and Ordering Process The Deets…

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    Osgood 5 Piece Dining Set Review – Is Good?

    The Osgood was the first compact cube dining table set we stumbled across. We’d never seen anything like it, so we started looking to see if we’d missed anything else in this category… Shopping and Customization Options Decisions, Decisions There are a couple of similar sets out there, but nothing that warranted NOT buying the Osgood 5 piece dining set that we originally saw. And frankly it looked perfect for our small dining space. Not to mention adorable. So that was an easy decision. The table comes in two colours: brown and dark grey. We felt the brown colour would complement our space since we tend toward lighter colours. Payment…

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    About Rachael

    Hi! Welcome to Reviews by Rachael. I’m Rachael, and I’m excited that you’re here! I’m a Human Person… I’m a smart lady who struggles with some anxiety issues that led to me dropping out of college and making my way through entrepreneurial ventures of one sort or another. I’ve always been pretty independent, not one to be chained to academia. Though one day I would love to study astronomy and become the next C. Sagan. Bit lofty a goal? N. Tyson, then. For real though, I’m a pretty down-to-earth and practical kind of human. I now own a condo with my partner and we find ourselves in a position to be making a…